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      90 cubic meter per hour mobile concrete batching plant

      The 90 cubic meter per hour mobile concrete batching plant is usually used for small construction site or frequently relocated construction site. Through the continuous innovation of the design concept, the mixing capacity of mobile concrete batching plant is 25-90 cubic meter per hour, so the mobile concrete batching plant is the biggest model of YHZS portable concrete bathing plant, the small-scale mobile concrete batching plant of collaborative production provides great convenience for the concrete production enterprises that need to transfer production in a short time.

      90 cubic meter per hour mobile concrete batching plant

      Whether it is stationary concrete batching plant equipment or mobile concrete batching plant, the control system plays a very important role in a whole set of mobile concrete batching plant, which is the link to coordinate the operation of all parts of the equipment. At present, the electrical control system used in most concrete batching plants is composed of industrial computer, operation platform and PLC based field control station, which can automatically weigh, feed, mix and discharge materials according to the preset raw material formula.
      Generally, the mixing plant equipment needs to be set with two control modes, automatic and manual. The manual operation mode is mainly used in system maintenance or software debugging, while the automatic operation mode is generally used in the normal production process. Therefore, manual and automatic selection and corresponding buttons shall be set, and indicator lights shall be set for each button, so as to facilitate error checking in case of abnormal system operation. Automatic control can be used after the 90 cubic meter per hour mobile concrete batching plant can operate normally.

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