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      Best selling automated concrete plant

      Best selling automated concrete plant are divided into three types according to their equipment models: small, medium and large concrete batching plants. Depending on the type of concrete plant, the application fields will vary. The concrete batching plant can use semi automatic and fully automatic control system to operate the whole processing. The medium and large concrete batching plant usually used automated control system.

      automated concrete plant

      The equipment models corresponding to medium-sized concrete batching plants are generally hzs50, hzs60, hzs75 and hzs90. The four types of concrete batching plants correspond to the js1000 double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixing host and the js1500 double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixing host. These two types of mainframes are also referred to as 1 cubic meter concrete mixing machine and 1.5 cubic meter concrete mixing machine.

      For the price of medium-sized concrete plants, four factors need to be considered: the overall price of the batching plant, labor costs, site selection and related supporting equipment. The price of the whole automated concrete plant depends on the equipment required by the user. The price of the same model varies depending on the configuration. In terms of labor costs, you need to consider the salary of operating staff. The choice of site depends on the purpose of your automatic concrete batching plant. If it is used for engineering, it is build on the construction site. If it is a commercial concrete batching plant, you need to rent the building site. For related supporting equipment, such as concrete mixer trucks and material trucks, certain costs are required. All in all, the price of the concrete batching plant still needs to be determined according to the actual needs of users.

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