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      Batching Plant For Ready Mix Concrete

      For investors of batching plant for ready mix concrete, it is very necessary to choose a strong equipment manufacturer. A good ready mix concrete plant manufacturer not only guarantees the quality of equipment for investors, but also after-sales service is guaranteed during the later operation, which can solve the problems encountered in the production process for customers in a timely manner, improve production efficiency and corporate image, thereby increasing the company's turnover.


      batching plant for ready mix concrete
      There are many companies that produce batching plant for ready mix concrete equipment on the market, and the location, price level, and sales methods of different manufacturers will all affect the price of the ready mix concrete plant equipment. For investors of ready mix concrete plant, a set of high-quality equipment is more important than price. Imagine if you open a ready mix concrete plant and a customer comes to purchase concrete. As a result, the machine fails during the production process, and the equipment manufacturer cannot be contacted in time to solve this problem, which affects the progress of the customer’s project. Will customers still find you to cooperate in the future?
      To purchase high-quality batching plant for ready mix concrete equipment, it is recommended to come to Haomei Machinery. The recommended reasons are as follows:
      1, Good technology
       Haomei Machinery manufacturer has been committed to the research work of concrete equipment, and often arranges technicians to study and go to the job site to investigate the actual situation. Our company's ready mix concrete plant equipment is made of trough steel, stainless steel, etc., which can effectively avoid the corrosion of rain washing solvents, reduce the vibration amplitude, and greatly increase the service life of the concrete mixing plant. It adopts a fully automatic one-key control system, which is simple and convenient to operate; it adopts a fully enclosed environmental protection device, which is energy saving and environmental protection.
      2, Good service:
      Set up a service team with clear division of labor in the company to ensure that problems can be solved in time. Three teams of pre-sales, in-sales and after-sales provide enthusiastic online services throughout the day. Before sales, take customers to visit the factory and introduce products. During sales, make plans for customers, equipment installation, commissioning, and operation training. After sales, provide customers with equipment repairs and maintenance, to solve customers’ worries, set up after-sales service departments to increase customers, the after-sales service of the equipment is guaranteed for the contact with the enterprise.

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