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      How to buy trailer concrete pump

      To buy trailer concrete pump, we should pay attention to the history, R&D strength and after-sales service ability and spare parts supply ability of the manufacturer. Regular trailer concrete pump manufacturers like Haomei have no worries about R & D strength, quality assurance, after-sales service and spare parts supply. If you choose Haomei as your trailer concrete pump supplier, you can buy and use at ease.

      buy trailer concrete pump

      First, the concrete pumpable concrete pumping concrete should meet the pumpability requirements, and if necessary, the pumping concrete should be determined by pumping. The ratio of the maximum particle size of the coarse aggregate to the diameter of the conveying pipe should be: when the pumping height is below 50m, it should not be greater than 1:3 for gravel, not more than 1:2.5 for pebble; when pumping height is 50~100m, it should be in the range of 1:3 to 1:4; when the pumping height is above 100m, it should be between 1:4 and 1:5. The content of the needle-like particles should not be greater than 10%.

      2.After the concrete pump is started, pump the appropriate amount of water to the part of the wet concrete pump that is directly in contact with the concrete such as the hopper, concrete cylinder and conveying pipe. After pumping water, the above parts are lubricated by one of the following methods: pumping cement slurry; pumping 1:2 cement mortar; pumping other cement mortars in addition to coarse aggregates into a distribution and ratio. The cement slurry or cement mortar for lubrication shall be dispersed in the fabric and shall not be concentrated in the same place.

      3. When starting pumping, the trailer concrete pump should be in a state of slow speed and constant speed, and then gradually accelerate. At the same time, the pressure of the buy trailer concrete pump and the working conditions of each system should be observed. After each system works normally, it can be pumped at normal speed.

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