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      Double shaft cement mixer parts

      The double horizontal shaft cement mixer parts with high quality is a kind of concrete mixing equipment which is frequently used in the project. It is unique to all kinds of large, medium and small construction projects. It can realize the automatic production in the operation of the equipment, realize the characteristics of multiple proportions, uninterrupted circulation and less investment. This equipment is different from other concrete mixers, with less investment, but high capacity, is a very cheap and high-efficient mixing equipment.

      cement mixer parts

      The mixing process of the double horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer is to use the mixing blades installed on the double shaft to quickly separate, lift, impact and force the materials, so that the concrete materials can be fully mixed by continuous redistribution. The design of the concrete mixer is simple in structure, small in wear and tear of the equipment, less in wearing parts for installation and use of the equipment, and convenient in maintenance. It can meet the needs of mixing for all kinds of concrete and light concrete.
      In the operation of the cement mixer equipment, the blades in the drum revolve around the gyratory axis to achieve the mixing purpose. The design and layout of the concrete mixer are compact, convenient for the transportation and installation of the equipment, strong in structure and work rationality. The movement track of the concrete material in the drum is constantly interspersed. The staggered arrangement in the centralized area results in a great degree of friction of the concrete, To improve the frequency of mixing movement and fully extrude the materials can complete the operation with good quality.
      The double horizontal cement mixer parts is a kind of equipment which meets the market demand and is suitable for the construction and laboratory work. Mixing in the sealed state can reduce the environmental pollution, and the fast mixing speed can improve the mixing efficiency.

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