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      Cement Mixer Price

      Haomei Machinery offer good cement mixer price, the shaft end seal consists of shell, bearing and lubricating oil circuit, which are used to support and position the mixing shaft. At the same time, the high-pressure lubricating oil circuit lubricates, dissipates heat, seals the casing and the shaft head of the mixing shaft to form a sealed oil chamber prevents soil from corroding the casing and mixing shaft. The lubrication device is one of the core components of the concrete mixer, and its function directly affects the working efficiency and life of the forced cement mixer. The lubrication system protects the bearing and shaft end of the stirring shaft composed of the electric lubrication pump and the oil pipe.


      cement mixer price
      The upper part of the material rack above the cement mixer is connected by bolts, which can be folded during transportation to reduce the transportation height. The electrical components are installed by slide rails, the control system is reliable, easy to operate and maintain. There are three unloading heights of concrete mixer, that are 1.5m, 2m, and 3.8m, which users can choose. The mixed concrete are transported by truck unloaders and concrete mixer trucks, and directly transported by concrete pumps. The cement mixer have high mobility and fast migration, especially suitable for small and medium-sized buildings.
      Regarding the cement mixer price, the production technology of concrete mixers of different cement mixer manufacturers is also different. Generally speaking, the technical level of the concrete mixer produced by the cement mixer manufacturer is higher, the equipment failure rate is lower, the performance is more stable, and the concrete mixer price is higher. Therefore, cement mixers of different concrete mixer manufacturers vary in quality, so choose not to be cheap. If you buy inferior cement mixer equipment, you cannot make up for the loss.

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