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      Set up concrete batch plant cost

      Concrete batch plant cost is related with the configuration scale, the key parts brand, and the service provide by concrete batch plant manufacturers. The scale of concrete batch plant can be divided into large, medium and small. The production capacity of large-scale concrete batching plant is more than 120 cubic meters per hour, the production capacity of medium-sized concrete batch plant is 60-90 cubic hours per hour, and the production capacity of small concrete mixing plant is 25-50 cubic hours per hour.

      concrete batch plant cost

      Haomei supply high quality concrete batch plant equipment with capacity of 25-240m3/h, the features of our concrete batch plant for sale are:
      1, Convenient transition installation
      The overall structure of concrete batch plant is modular, the batching machine, the belt conveyor, the main body, and the screw conveyor are all independent structures, which can be disassembled, installed quickly, and transported easily and quickly when transferring.

      2, Quick operation function
      The whole machine is controlled by computer, which can be controlled automatically or manually. The operation is simple and easy to grasp.

      3, Good maintenance performance
      Each maintenance and the repair site has walking platform or ladder. It is directly visible and has sufficient operating space. The fully enclosed and semi-enclosed equipment ensures that all operations can be operated without any obstacles.

      4, Excellent environmental performance
      All powdery materials are carried out in a sealed state. The dust and odor generated during the concrete mixing process are treated by measures such as centralized dust removal, acid and alkali treatment and sewage treatment. Zero emissions and pollution-free are realized.

      5, TV monitoring system can be set up
      The concrete batch plant can set up several TV monitors, real-time monitoring of the material outlet of the batching machine, concrete mixer, etc. The concrete batch plant cost of Haomei Machinery is not high in the market, however we can ensure the equipment quality and our concrete batch plant has long service life.

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