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      Concrete Boom Truck

      The concrete boom truck is a common mechanical equipment in construction project. The hybrid circulation concrete pump truck not only has the advantages of high cleanliness and low temperature of the hydraulic oil of the open circulation system, but also has the advantages of small reversing impact of the closed circulation system, which maximizes the dynamic effect of the hydraulic system of the concrete pump truck.


      concrete boom truck
      The advantages of using a hybrid circulating hydraulic system cement pump truck:
      The hybrid cycle hydraulic system concrete pump truck takes all the advantages of the open cycle hydraulic system and the closed cycle hydraulic system concrete boom pump truck, and basically overcomes their shortcomings. It is also the development direction of the concrete pump truck in the future. The disadvantage of using a hybrid hydraulic system is that the electric control system is more complicated than the open and closed hydraulic system, and the reliability requirements of the electric system are much higher than that of the concrete pump trucks of other systems.
      Many concrete boom truck are equipped with remote control functions, which can be operated at a long distance, especially when facing the danger of nuclear radiation, which can protect the safety of the operator to the greatest extent. Customized ultra-long-distance remote control equipment to ensure the personal safety of on-site operators. Since emergencies are often accompanied by dangers to the surrounding environment, it can not only quickly deal with emergencies, but also effectively ensure the safety of personnel. Remote operation is also a key factor for emergency equipment.

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