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      Hot Sale Concrete Mixer Philippines

      Haomei supply hot sale concrete mixer philippines in the models of JS500-JS4000, the concrete mixer has high reliability and high efficiency. The performance, working efficiency and wear resistance of the JS series forced twin shaft concrete mixer are higher than those of other brands, and they are known for its environmental protection and trouble-free. The discharge volume of JS twin shaft concrete mixers is from 500L to 4000L, so they can be applied to construction projects from small sized to large ready mix concrete company.

      concrete mixer philippines

      Although the concrete mixer has high efficiency, while daily use, we should also pay attention to the checklist and maintenance tips. In addition, it is necessary to inspect the machine and the operating mechanism for discharging, cleaning the walking wheel and the steering mechanism of JS concrete mixers.
      1. When disassembling the reducer, the gears, shafts, shafts and oil passages must be cleaned. Check the degree of wear on the surface of the halogen profile. After dismantling, add new gear oil.
      2. When removing the motor, the dust on the stator winding should be removed, the bearing should be cleaned and new grease added, and the gap between the stator and the rotor should be checked and adjusted.
      3. When disassembling the open gear, it is necessary to clean the gear tooth profile, the circumference and the bearing, check the wear condition, and replace it when the wear is excessive.
      4. The inner and outer brake bands of the loading clutch should be replaced in time if excessive wear occurs.
      5. When the frame of concrete mixer is skewed, it should be repaired or corrected.
      6. When disposing the water gauge, align the casing position, remove the rust around the suction pipe and casing and the inner lever and apply anti-rust paint.
      7. When disassembling the three-way valve, the rust and scale near the valve cavity and the pipe joint should be removed to keep the waterway open.
      8. For special mechanisms of concrete mixer philippines, such as rubber wheels, travel switches, water meters, solenoid valves, etc., check and adjust according to the situation.

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