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      Concrete mixer plant price list detailed

      The concrete mixer plant price is related to the main components, concrete mixer, concrete batching machines, screw conveyors and other related products. Its theoretical productivity is 25-240 M3/h. The concrete mixer plant production line is mainly divided into four parts: sand feeding, powder feeding, water feeding and mixing, transmission mixing and storage. Based on the comprehensive market quotation, basically, the price difference of similar concrete mixing plant will not be too much, too high or too low will be formed by the number of accessories and the increase or decrease of specific equipment configuration.

      concrete mixer plant price

      The main concrete mixing machine of concrete mixer plant adopts JS series double-horizontal shaft forced concrete mixer, which has good uniformity of mixing concrete, short mixing time, long service life of wearing parts, and convenient operation and maintenance. The concrete mixer plant price is different according to each type, output, and configuration. Usually customers buy small and medium-sized concrete mixing plants, and small and medium-sized concrete mixing plants are usually used in new rural construction or bridge repair paving. The large and medium-sized concrete mixing stations are mainly used for ready mix concrete production or national water conservancy projects, highways, and high-rise residential houses. The small and medium-sized concrete batching plant are first configured without high levels, with stable output rates and necessary costs. The capital investment is relatively small. The large and medium-sized concrete mixer plant prices are relatively high, but the output rate is high.

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