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      How is the concrete mixer plant classified?

      With the continuous development of society and the strengthening of urban construction, the development of concrete mixer plants has also changed. More and more people are investing in concrete mixing plants. There are many models and types of concrete mixer plant in the market, so the customers should have a basic understand of the concrete mixing equipment. Many customers are curious about how concrete mixing plants are classified?

      concrete mixer plant

      1. According to its operation mode, it is divided into batch concrete mixing plant and continuous concrete mixing plant. The continuous mixing plant mainly refers to the continuous stopping of the feeding and discharging modes of the stirring materials. The weighing and proportioning are continuous stop, which does not affect the overall construction period. The intermittent concrete batching plant waits for the material weighing process in cycles. The mixing work is completed in the cycle, the discharge is completed, and then the next cycle is entered. At present, the intermittent concrete mixing plant has higher controllability and more application.

      2. According to the mixer mixing mode of the concrete mixing plant, the mixing host is divided into self-falling type and forced type. Self-falling is the application of material gravity, so that the material stops mixing when it is falling. The forced HZS series concrete mixer plant, is the main mixing equipment of major manufacturers. It is equipped with a forced concrete mixer, which has high mixing efficiency and short mixing period.

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