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      Advantages of Concrete Pump Boom

      As the backbone of infrastructure construction, concrete pump boom truck play an irreplaceable role in construction due to their fast speed, long boom, remote control operation and excellent quality. The performance advantages of the concrete pump truck manufactured by Haomei Machinery are:


      concrete pump boom

      1, More secure and stable
      Using boom buffer technology, even in the case of high output, the boom vibration is small and the hose is stable.
      2, More intelligent and flexible
      The concrete pump boom has the function of remote engine start and stop, which can start or stop the engine according to the working conditions. The remote control has a speed adjustment function, which can adjust the engine speed according to the actual working conditions. The displacement adjustment function on the remote control can adjust the concrete pumping volume according to the actual working conditions.
      3, More efficient and faster
      The hydraulic system is electronically controlled for reversing, with low failure rate. The main oil cylinder and swing cylinder are equipped with intelligent buffer technology to reduce the impact of reversing. The large-diameter conveying cylinder of concrete pump truck has good suction performance and large pumping capacity.
      4, More energy-saving and environmentally friendly
      Using a centralized valve plate, the system is more compact and the chance of oil leakage is lower. The self-designed and developed concrete piston return technology (optional) is convenient for daily maintenance and maintenance of the concrete piston. The realization of automatic high and low pressure switching technology makes the pumping high. Low-voltage switching is more convenient and environmentally friendly (optional).
      Haomei Machinery is a construction enterprise integrating scientific research, production, sales and after-sales service of concrete pump boom. The company's products are derived from German technology, specializing in the production of various types of concrete pump trucks from 63 meters to 30 meters.

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