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      Buy concrete pump indonesia

      If you want to buy concrete pump indonesia, we suggest you to select concrete pump with high performance and superior parameter index. The whole concrete pump machine mobility is good may satisfy the various working condition request. The concrete pump has better adaptability and the working speed of the chassis is very stable during pumping. The end hose jitter amplitude is small, the discharge process is continuous.

      concrete pump indonesia

      The safe use specification of concrete pumps in indonesia are:
      1. The concrete pump for sale can be towed by motor vehicle, but it can not carry any cargo, and the towing speed should not exceed 8km/h;
      2. After pumping the concrete, the hopper, S valve, concrete cylinder and conveying pipeline should be cleaned in time. After the concrete pump is cleaned, the accumulator pressure should be released, the power supply should be cut off, and the switches should be in the stop or disconnect position;
      3. Safety and accident prevention devices should be installed at the construction site. Such as indications and warning signs, fences, metal baffles, etc., set the necessary working area around the pump (not less than 1 meter), non-operators should not enter without permission. Regularly change the conveying pipe within three meters from the operator, and fasten it and screen it with wooden board or metal partition;
       4. The vacuum gauge reading is strictly prohibited when it is greater than 0.04Mpa, otherwise the main oil pump may be damaged;
      5. The use, installation and wiring of the electrical control box shall be carried out by personnel;
      6. The concrete in the concrete pump hopper must be higher than the agitator shaft to avoid concrete splashing due to the inhalation of air;
      7. When the pumping operation ends, the rear leg is first received, the ground wheel is lowered, and the front leg is received;
      8. The operator of concrete pump indonesia shall record the working condition of the concrete pump as required.

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