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      How much is the js1500 concrete batching plant

      The js1500 concrete batching plant stands for the batching plant that adopt JS1500 twin shaft concrete mixer as the main mixing machine. The model of JS1500 concrete batching plant in Haomei Machinery are HZS75 and HZS90, they are all belong to medium size concrete batching plant. The theoretical capacity of HZS90 concrete mixing plant is 90m3/h, the actual production capacity can reach 72 cubic meters per hour. The operating method and construction method during the construction process will affect its productivity. How much is the JS1500 concrete batching plant equipment?

      js1500 concrete batching plant

      The main price of a concrete batching plant is based on the final customer's configuration and the actual order details. In the actual establishment of the concrete batching plant, the configuration parameters such as the concrete batching machine model, the number of cement silos, the control room, and the control system required by different users are different, so the price cannot be generalized. The current concrete batching plant industry has made overall progress in technology, and production efficiency and quality have taken a big step forward. Haomei Machinery is a professional manufacturer of concrete mixing equipment, has introduced advanced foreign technology through its continuous reform and innovation and technology accumulation. All environmentally-friendly intelligent concrete batching plant that have been launched have been well received.

      When buying a js1500 concrete batching plant, it is a large-scale construction machinery, you can’t change it after you buy it, or retreat it when you buy it, so keep your eyes open and choose the right product. The production cost of the concrete batching plant is high, and the quotation is directly proportional to the product quality. Many manufacturers have lower quotations, but the quality must be thought twice. 

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