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      Mini mobile batching plant for sale

      Mini mobile batching plant for sale 25-50 m3/h has characteristics of high efficiency, automatic control, fast installation and transfer. Mobile concrete batching plants are a kind of construction equipment combination of a series of equipment such as feeding, storage, mixing and unloading on a single chassis. The mobile concrete batching plant has a compact structure, is easy to operate, and can be directly operated on site, thereby reducing the concrete transportation distance and effectively saving effective economic costs. For some small and medium projects or maintenance projects, you can choose to use mobile batching plant equipment.

      mini mobile batching plant

      The mixing capacity of mobile batching plant is not as high as stationary concrete batching plant. The mobile concrete batching plant is a necessary configuration for high performance requirements. User-friendly setting of operating software and procedures for various production processes. Buy using and movement of mini mobile batching plant, the concrete is produced nearby and does not have long-distance migration to avoid hydration during transportation and ensure the quality of concrete construction. The concrete mixing machine of the mini mobile batching plant is concrete mixer 0.5-2 cubic meter, and the productivity is generally 25 to 75 cubic meters / h, the mixing capacity can meet the requirement for the project progress, such equipment can not meet the demand.

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