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      Planetary Concrete Mixer Price

      The planetary concrete mixer price can be said to make up for the lack of mixing homogeneity of the forced concrete mixer, and is more suitable for industries that require high mixing material uniformity. The planetary concrete mixer is driven by using an integrated two-way mixing reducer. The power generated by the reducer makes the vertically installed mixing arm do both autobiographical motion and revolving motion, and at the same time, the side scraper arm installed on the mixing drum does revolving motion. The rotation direction of the planetary concrete mixer is opposite to the rotation direction, and the rotation direction of each mixing blade is also different.


      planetary concrete mixer price
      The planetary concrete mixer price on the market do not have large difference. The planetary concrete mixer manufacturer engaged in improving the mixing efficiency and quality of planetary concrete mixer for many years. The vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer is innovatively developed on the basis of synchronous German technology. The performance advantages of Haomei planetary concrete mixer are:
      1, Smooth transmission and high efficiency: Hard-tooth surface reducer for transmission, low noise, large torque, and strong durability.
      2, Stir evenly and without dead corners: the mixing blade revolution + rotation movement principle, the movement track covers the entire mixing barrel.
      3, Wide mixing range: It is suitable for mixing and mixing special materials such as various aggregates and powders.
      4, Convenient cleaning: high-pressure cleaning device (optional), spiral nozzle, covering a large area.
      5, Flexible layout and fast unloading speed: 1-3 unloading doors can be flexibly selected to meet the needs of different production lines;
      6, Convenient installation and maintenance: large-size inspection doors, which are equipped with safety switches.
      7, Diversification of mixing devices: customized mixing devices according to customer needs.
      8, Good airtightness: there is no leakage problem.

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