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      Portable concrete batching plant on sale

      Portable concrete batching plant YHZS on sale has great mobility, impact structure, high automatic degree, mixing capacity of 25-75m3/h. Its configuration capabilities can be improved, such as optional components of the station structure, additive single, double scale, single and double duct flexible matching, etc., to avoid the traditional structure of the curing device, a single Wait. There are higher requirements for circuit protection between the portable batching plant modules, which are also convenient for installing components. It can adapt to harsh conditions such as outdoor dust, rain, etc., so that the device can serve customers more effectively.

      portable concrete batching plant

      Due to the high degree of mechanization, high degree of automation and high production efficiency, mobile concrete batching plant can ensure the quality of concrete and save production cost. It is often used in projects with large volume and long construction period. The equipment advantages of portable concrete batching plant are:
      1. The whole equipment is compact in structure, and the loading, weighing, mixing and other processes of concrete production are concentrated on a trailer unit;
      2. The man-machine operation interface is simple and clear, the work is stable and reliable, and it is suitable for various harsh environments;
      3. The use of a double-horizontal-shaft forced-type concrete mixer has strong continuous working ability and fast and even mixing, which is suitable for the construction of multi-line long concrete demand points.
      4. Small footprint and quick installation. The installation of portable concrete batching plant can be completed and put into production in 2-3 days. Disassembly is convenient, and disassembly can be completed in 1 day.

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