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      HZS concrete precast batch plants for sale

      Haomei supply HZS concrete precast batch plants for sale with high mixing efficient, high mixing quality and low cost. In order to ensure the quality of concrete, it is necessary to improve the accuracy of raw materials. In order to improve the accuracy of aggregate batching, Haomei HZS concrete batching plant has made these improvements.

      precast batch plants

      1, The single discharge port of storage hopper is changed to double discharge port
      When the discharge port of storage hopper of HZS concrete batching plant is one, it is very easy to have a problem, that is, blocking, because when the aggregate is discharged at a single discharge port, it is easy to form a cone-shaped accumulation, and when the accumulated height reaches a certain level, it is easy to block the discharge port. This situation is common in batching machines with independent weighing. Therefore, HZS concrete batching plant is in an independent weighing and batching machine. In order to prevent this problem, only two holes are designed for blanking to avoid blocking. On the other hand, the double blanking ports can be controlled separately to further accurately cut the material. The aggregate of the central weighing batcher will enter the weighing hopper along with the belt after it comes down, so it is not easy to block the aggregate, so the design of the central weighing batcher does not need such a design.
      The control system sets the drop value, and automatically checks and compensates the difference
      Because the weighing sensor is on the weighing hopper of the HZS concrete precast batch plants, if there is no design of the drop value, the time difference will be generated when the sensor senses the weight and feeds back to stop the unloading of the storage hopper. In this time difference, aggregate will continue to enter the weighing hopper. More aggregate entering the weighing hopper is called the drop value, which may affect the final mixing quality. Therefore, when we choose the HZS concrete batching plant control system, we should be able to facilitate the customer to set the drop value function.

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