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      Precast concrete plant manufacturers

      Precast concrete plant manufacturers in China have good reputation on low cost and high performance, Haomei is one of the leading suppliers. Haomei Machinery have over 20 years experience on supply concrete batching plant and other construction equipment. With rich experience, we can offer suitable concrete plant configuration plan for the customers according to their requirements. For different construction needs and site, there are different concrete plant model to applied.
      precast concrete plant manufacturers
      The classification of precast concrete plants mainly includes the following:
      First, according to the structure of the concrete plant:
      The precast concrete plant is divided into two types: stationary concrete batching plant and mobile concrete batching plant. At present, most of the stationary concrete batch plant adopts modular and easy splicing design, which is mainly used for large-scale commercial concrete manufacturers, and the work is stable and anti-interference. The mobile concrete batch plant is towed by a towing unit, which has good maneuverability and makes the consumption more sensitive. It is generally used for various medium and small temporary construction projects, and can be rented for use.
      Second, according to the operation mode of the precast concrete plant
      This method can be divided into continuous and periodic (or intermittent). The continuous concrete plant mainly refers to the continuous stopping of the feeding and discharging modes of the stirring materials. During the producing process, the complete flow operation, the weighing and the ratio are continuously, and the overall construction period is not affected. The cycle of the periodic concrete plant is one unit, waits for the material weighing process, then completes the mixing work in the cycle, completes the discharge, and then enters the next cycle. At present, the precast concrete plant manufacturers adopt periodic concrete batching plant has higher controllability and more application.

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