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      Small portable concrete batch plant

      Compared with the fixed concrete plants, the small portable concrete batch plant is more flexible and convenient, and is more suitable for small engineering projects. Small portable concrete batching plant has impact structure, and the cost is low while the automation level is high. With the impact of current environmental requirements on the concrete batch plant industry, portable concrete batch plants are becoming more and more popular on the market.

      small portable concrete batch plant

      The capacity of small mobile concrete batching plant is 25-50m3/h, while the models are YHZS24, YHZS35 and YHZS50. The main parameters are:
      YHZS25 mobile concrete batch plant, the mixing host are JS500, the theoretical discharge rate are 25m3 / h.
      YHZS35 portable concrete batch plant, the mixing host is JS750, the theoretical discharge rate is 35m3 / h.
      YHZS50 portable concrete batching plant, the mixing host is JS1000, the theoretical discharge rate is 50m3 / h.

      The maintenance of small portable concrete batch plants is focused on: cleaning, lubrication, inspection, fastening and corrosion protection. Maintenance must implement the principle of maintenance and prevention, and do regular maintenance and compulsory, and correctly handle the relationship between use, maintenance and repair. It is not allowed to use only no maintenance, only repair no maintenance. The maintenance machinery shall ensure the quality, and shall be carried out item by item according to the specified items and requirements, and shall not be leaked or not guaranteed. The problems found in maintenance items, maintenance quality and maintenance should be recorded and reported to the department.

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