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      Stationary concrete plant purchase instructions

      The stationary concrete plant is widely used in engineering projects and ready mix concrete business, it has high mixing efficiency and stable production. The mixing capacity of stationary concrete batching plant is 25-240m3/h, which can cover the demands for all size construction projects. When we are purchasing stationary concrete batch plant, we have many instructions to pay attention.

      stationary concrete plant

      1. Understand the technical performance and supporting range of the purchase stationary concrete batching plant.
      2. For the convenience of transportation, when the stationary concrete plant is shipped from the factory, the lower rail, the ladder, the diagonal bracing, the connecting angle steel, the legs, the anchor bolts and the suction pipe are in the state of the parts, and the other components are assembled state of the whole machine.
      3. The JS500 concrete mixer is transported by trucks of ≥5 tons, and the JS750, JS1000 and JS1500 concrete mixers are transported by trucks of ≥10 tons.
      4, JS500 concrete mixer hoisting should use ≥ 8 tons of crane, JS750 type, JS1000 type, JS1500 concrete mixer hoisting should use ≥ 10 tons of crane.
      5. It should be safe and reliable during the whole stationary concrete plant machine shipment process. The specific requirements are as follows:
      (1) When lifting, it should be noted that the center of gravity of the machine must not be offset. The lifting wire rope should be accurately hung on the circular hook. It is strictly forbidden to use the hook on the mixing drum to lift the whole machine.
      (2) When the upper rail is folded at the time of shipment, it is tied with a wire, and the hopper is fixed by a brake pin;
      (3) The whole machine and parts should be fixed firmly in the compartment and fastened with safety hooks.

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