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      Transit mix concrete batch plants

      The transit mix concrete batch plants are hot product type of concrete machinery and equipment for projects requiring frequent site transfer. Although the mobile concrete batching plant is simple in configuration, it has distinct characteristics and is a popular product in the type of concrete mixing plant. It is the same as all the operation process, operation mode and maintenance of the stationary concrete batching plant, and has the unique characteristics of flexible movement, quick disassembly and management, simple storage and management. It is the optimal model in the mobile construction of public railways, bridges, ports and other projects.
       transit mix concrete batch plants
      Except for the connection equipment such as screw conveyor and cement silos, all the wiring of the mobile mix concrete batch plant does not need to be removed, just switch. In terms of mobility, the slab of the mobile concrete batching plant is also competent for various road conditions. However, it should be noted that at the beginning of the operation, it is necessary to dig a channel for the concrete transit mixer to receive materials, so as to ensure that the outlet can be smoothly connected to the concrete mixer truck, and the production can be put in place on the same day, which is very suitable for the unit with tight construction period requirements. The transit mix concrete batch plants mainly include yhzs25, yhzs35, yhzs50, yhzs60 and yhzs75. Its production efficiency is almost the same as that of the traditional fixed concrete batch plant, and it is convenient to install, occupy a small area, move conveniently, and change the production site at any time.

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