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      Twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturers

      Haomei is one of the professional twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturers in China, we supply concrete mixers 0.5-4.0 cubic meter. Compared with manpower, the concrete machine mixing not only greatly improves the mixing efficiency, but also the automatic mixing of the machine also effectively controls the quality of the concrete. The concrete mixer has also undergone continuous improvement and development. Nowadays, the commonly used, and the outstanding mixing effect is forced type concrete mixers, including JS horizontal twin shaft forced concrete mixer and vertical shaft planetary concrete mixer.

      twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturers

      JS forced concrete mixer has become an indispensable mixing host for concrete batching plants of different scales in different places. Its principle of forced mixing has higher efficiency and better mixing effect, and it can realize automatic feeding through the computer control system. Automatic mixing is more convenient. JS1000 forced twin shaft concrete mixer is one of the models. The output of single mixing can reach 1 cubic meter, and the output per hour is about 50 to 60 cubic meters. JS series horizontal twin shaft forced concrete mixer is equipped with 3 motors: lifting motor, pump motor and stirring motor, which greatly improves the production efficiency of the concrete mixer.
      Twin shaft concrete mixer manufacturers generally supply JS1000 as host selected by HZS50 or HZS60 concrete batching plant. It can be used as an engineering concrete mixing plant or a small and medium-sized commercial concrete mixing plant. It can mix dry concrete, plasticity, fluidity, lightweight aggregate and other concrete type.

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