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      Equipment advantages of wet batching plants

      With the rapid development of economy, the demand for ready-mixed concrete has greatly increased. In order to vigorously promote and support ready-mixed wet batching plants, many concrete batching plant manufacturers has develop more advanced models suitable for ready mix concrete producing. The wet mix concrete batching plant will be the key product developed in the future because it has many advantages.

      wet batching plants

      1, high measurement accuracy
      As the quality requirements of the concrete for the project are improved, the measurement accuracy of the concrete mixing and batching plant is also higher and higher, and the ready-mix concrete plant meets this requirement. For wet mix batching plant, whether it is the weighing of aggregate, powder or liquid, its weighing, control and signal conversion components are all imported components, high-precision sensors, imported microcomputer control, single weighing or cumulative weighing The quantity is completely guaranteed to be accurate and the work performance is stable.

      2, good mixing quality
      The ready-mixed concrete mixing plant uses a twin-shaft concrete mixer. The working power is mainly based on the extrusion, shearing and convection of materials. The impact between the materials is supplemented. When the mixing shaft rotates, the blades drive the mixture on the one hand rotating up and down in the mixing drum, rolling up and down, while the mixing materials exchange position with each other at the meeting where the mixing blades meet or overlap; on the other hand, pushing the mixture along the direction of the stirring axis, continuously from one rotating plane to the other Rotate the plane motion and stir the mass.

      3, high degree of automation
      The ready-mixed wet batching plants are composed of industrial computer plus batching control instrument, that is, the batching control instrument data is input into the industrial computer, and the execution signal is output through the board or PLC programmable controller, thereby ensuring the system continues to operate normally. Monitoring cameras can be set up in key parts such as the main unit discharge port and the batching station. Once a problem occurs in a certain part, it can be found in a short period of time and solved in time.

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