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      Top wet mix plant exporter China

      Haomei is one of the top wet mix plant exporter in China, the mixing station is mainly used for mixing concrete, also known as concrete mixing plant and commercial batching plant. It is a new generation of cement concrete mixing plant equipment, which is suitable for large-scale infrastructure construction projects such as urban ready mixed concrete, roads and bridges, water conservancy, airports, ports, etc. and places with large demand for concrete. At the same time, the concrete mixing plant of the mixing plant has complete mixing plant configuration, which can meet the needs of different customers, with excellent structure, fast and convenient installation and commissioning, and easy maintenance.

      wet mix plant exporter

      The concrete mixer of wet mix concrete plant is designed and produced by the concrete batching plant manufacturer for large-scale project construction. With the Italian mixer technology, the mixing performance of concrete batching plant is strong; with the high wear-resistant alloy mixing arm, the service life of the mixing arm can reach 5 times of that of the conventional mixer, and the impact resistance is strong; The mixer monitoring system can monitor the operation status of the reducer, discharge pump and electric lubricating oil pump at any time; under the shear action of the mixing arm, the materials move in a boiling state, which can achieve the purpose of full mixing in a short time.

      Generally, the concrete mixer shall be maintained at the first level after working for 100h, and the wearing condition of each driving part shall be checked and adjusted. If it is worn too much, it shall be replaced. When the second level maintenance period of the large-scale wet mix plant exporter of the concrete mixing plant is generally 700-1500h, in addition to the first level maintenance, the reducer, motor, open gear, etc. shall be disassembled and inspected, in addition to the inspection of the frame and the control mechanism of the material in and out, the walking wheel and the turning mechanism, etc. This kind of maintenance and prevention oriented idea can play a positive role in maintaining the intact technical state and service life of construction machinery.

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