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      HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Concrete Pump

      trailer mounted boom concrete pump

      The Features of HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Mounted Boom Concrete Pump:

      1. High-power long-range trailer concrete pump
      2. The main motor adopts domestic famous brand motor, power 132 kilowatts, provide a strong impetus for the transport of concrete.
      3. Soft start control technology, greatly reducing power motor starting current, reduce the load on the grid requirements.
      4. Main pump imported configuration, reliable quality, high efficiency, powerful
      5. A full set of imported electrical components, Mitsubishi PLC control, high quality, low failure rate

      trailer mounted boom concrete pump

      The Description of HBT80S1813-145R Trailer Mounted Boom Concrete Pump:

      1. The trailer concrete pump adopts such world advanced techniques as open hydraulic loop, distribution valve auto-compensating clearance, constant power control, total hydraulic automatic change, and electric proportional control, etc., which carried out deep and meticulous studies and experiments in many aspects like concrete piston self-lubricating, etc.,
      2. HAOMEI pump trailer all adopts steamline production assembly while the company strictly controls all the machining processes and assembly quality and gives final test to every pump trailer by simulation working conditions and overload experiments to ensure customers’ zero fault in the first operation.

      The Technical Parameters of Trailer Mounted Boom Concrete Pump:

      Specification Value
      "Theory Concrete Output (Low / High Pressure)"(m3/h) 85/42
      "Concrete Pressure (Low / high pressure)"(Mpa) 12.5/5.28
      Hydraulic system pressure(Mpa) 32
      Rotation speed(r/min) 1480
      High / low pressure switch Yes
      Distribution valve(S) valve
      Pumping cylinder diameter/ Stroke(mm) 200/1800
      Main oil pump discharge(ml/r) 224
      Diesel engine(kw) 145
      Voltage/ Frequency(V/Hz) 380/50
      Hydraulic tank volume(L) 500
      Height of adding material(mm) 1400
      Hopper volume(m3) 0.7
      Total mass(kg) 6200
      Concrete slump(mm) 120-200
      Aclinic Delivery distance(m) 1000
      Theory vertical pumping height(m) 250
      Dimension: L*W*H(mm) 6680*2210*2150

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