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      JS1000 Concrete Mixer

      The Features of JS1000 Concrete Mixer:

      1. Self loading feeding
      2. Manual unloading or Hydraulic discharging system
      3. High quality and low cost
      4. Shaft-end sealing technology
      5. Twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer
      6. Suitable small concret batch plant machine
      7. Connect with Small concrete batch plant or operate alone

      The Description of JS1000 Concrete Mixer:

      1. Skip self loading mobile concrete mixer, Mixing the plastic and half-dry hard concrete, fluid concrete and light aggregate concrete.
      2. Working condition: Road, Bridge & Precast product for factory, work independently or be used with correspond batch plant machine as a mini-type concrete plant.
      3. Discharge system: Hydraulic & manual mode, drive reposefully and low noise.
      4. Inside Mixer: Liner and mixer blade adopts high rigidity wear resistant steel (long service life).
      5. The electrical system adopts import component, form those world famous exporter which are reliability and have good performance.

      The Technical Parameters of JS1000 Concrete Mixer:

      Specification Value
      Discharging Volume(L) 1000
      Charging Volume(L) 1600
      Mixer Capacity(m3) 1.0
      Lubrication System(Brand) Choosed
      Reducer(Brand) Choosed
      Aggregate Size(mm) 60/80
      Aggregate Category(Quantity) 4
      Working Circle(S) 60
      Mixer Motor Power(KW) 37
      Mixing Speed(r/min) 37
      Mixing Blade(Quantity) 2x8
      Lifting Motor Power(KW) 11
      Pump Motor Power(KW) 3
      Weight(KG) 7880
      Dimensions(mm) 4640x2250x2250

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