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      JS750 Concrete Mixer

      JS750 concrete mixer

      The Features of JS750 Concrete Mixer Machine:

      1 .Professional JS750 concrete mixer manufacturer
      2. Lifting silo feeding system
      3. Hydraulic unloading
      4. Shaft-end sealing technology
      5. Twin shaft compulsory concrete mixer
      6. Connect with the concrete batch plant or single operated by the control box

      The Description of JS750 Concrete Mixer Machine:

      1. Twin-Shaft JS series concrete mixer machine is a multi-functional mixer, which can be applied to mix dry-hard concrete, plastic concrete, light aggregate concrete and all kinds of mortar.
      2. Twin-Shaft JS750 concrete mixer machine has characteristics of simple structure, high mixing quality, high efficiency, energy-saving, low noise, simple operation, and can be used together with dump car, truck and concrete mixer truck, so it's the ideal machine for construction sites, large and medium-sized concrete factories.

      JS750 concrete mixer machine

      The Technical Parameters of JS750 Concrete Mixer Machine:

      Specification Value
      Discharging Volume(L) 750
      Charging Volume(L) 1200
      Mixer Capacity(m3) 0.75
      Lubrication System(Brand) Choosed
      Reducer(Brand) Choosed
      Aggregate Size(mm) 60/80
      Aggregate Category(Quantity) 4
      Working Circle(S) 60
      Mixer Motor Power(KW) 30
      Mixing Speed(r/min) 30.5
      Mixing Blade(Quantity) 2x8
      Lifting Motor Power(KW) 7.5
      Pump Motor Power(KW) 1.1
      Weight(KG) 6150
      Dimensions(mm) 4550x2250x2450

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