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      SICOMA Concrete Mixer 3.0m3

      sicoma concrete mixer 3.0m3

      The Features of SICOMA Concrete Mixer 3.0m3

      1.Air purged multi seals to enhance bearing life
      2.Hydraulic door opening and lubrication pump
      3.Automatic multi pump units for shaft lubrication
      4.Optional weighing system, high pressure cleaning system
      5.Heavy duty design, stable operation

      The Description of SICOMA Concrete Mixer 3.0m3

      The Sicoma twin shaft concrete mixer 3.0m3 was designed in haomei and it has been refined to give you the outstanding product that you see today. The Sicoma series heavy duty concrete mixers are the most widely used twin shaft models in the world today; over 6000 in use, worldwide, in ready-mix, precast, block, paver and dam applications. These mixers produce well over 1 million cubic yards of concrete every day.

      The Sicoma 's features go farther than many other mixers of its class. Its strong frame, triple shaft seals, more efficient gear reducers and electronic alarm unit as standard equipment mean that you have peace of mind.

      The Technical Parameters of SICOMA Concrete Mixer 3.0m3

      Specification Value
      Discharging Volume(L) 3000
      Charging Volume(L) 4500
      Mixer Capacity(m3) 3.0
      Lubrication System(Brand) Choosed
      Reducer(Brand) Choosed
      Aggregate Size(mm) 60/80
      Aggregate Category(Quantity) 4
      Working Circle(S) 60
      Mixer Motor Power(KW) 2x55
      Mixing Speed(r/min) 35.5
      Mixing Blade(Quantity) 2x9
      Lifting Motor Power(KW) 25
      Pump Motor Power(KW) 3
      Weight(KG) 9200
      Dimensions(mm) 2680x3830x2175

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