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      HM6-D Concrete Mixer Truck

      HAOMEI serial concrete mixer truck include many models such as 6m3,8m3,9m3,10m3,12m3,14m3,16m3and can choose any special chassis both at home and abroad as supporting part according to customers

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      HM14-D Concrete Mixer Truck

      Mixing tube is the main component of concrete mixer truck, composed of the cylinder, sealed tube, mixed leaves and leaf composition...

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      HZS25 Concrete Batching Plant

      HZS25 small concrete batch plant is a type of small concrete machine which adopts LSY type screw conveyor, its transmission system is divided into aggregate conveyor and powder conveyor....

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      HZS150 Concrete Batching Plant

      HZS150 Concrete Mixing Plant has good uniformity and the mixing time is short with high production efficiency, which is suitable to the large construction project, producing a great amount of concrete.

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      HZS120 Concrete Batching Plant

      HZS120 Concrete Batch Plant For Sale, the whole set including the twin shaft concrete mixer, mixing machine, cement silo and screw conveyor, conveyor belt, microcomputer control room...

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      HZS90 Concrete Batching Plant

      HZS90 batching plant features high production efficiency and short mixing time,which is widely used in medium-sized construction, road and bridge and the production of concrete product...

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      HZS60 Concrete Batching Plant

      HZS60 ready mixed concrete batching plant for sale composed by cement silo, screw conveyor, PLD batching machine, double horizontal shaft mixer, computer control and measurement system and other compon

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      HZS35 Concrete Batching Plant

      HZS35 batching plant machines is composed of screw conveyor, bucket elevator,rotary dispenser, aggregate bin, cement silos, aggregate weighing hopper, control system and other equipment....

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      HM9-D Concrete Mixer Truck

      Good homogeneity of Concrete mixing and transportation of concrete mixer truck manufacturer, low residual material, reliable hydraulic drive system, and reasonable, reliable performance, convenient ope

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      HM10-D Concrete Mixer Truck

      Cement mixer truck composed of the chassis and upload part. Top part composed of mixing tube sub-frame, and out equipment, control systems, hydraulic systems, electrical systems, water supply systems a

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      HM12-D Concrete Mixer Truck

      Mobile concrete mixer truck mainly applies to long-distance mixing transport of concrete mixture, effectively delay concrete coagulation, and avoids concrete stratification and eduction,and ensures con

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      HM8-D Concrete Mixer Truck

      Cement mixer truck is mainly used in the long-distance transport of concrete, which can delay the initial setting of concrete, to avoid the occurrence of stratification and segregation of concrete to e

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      YHZS35 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

      YHZS35 mobile concrete batching plant composed by aggregate batching system, including the main frame, concrete mixer, high angle inclined belt conveyor, non aggregate weighing system, water supply sys

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      YHZS25 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

      YHZS25 mobile batching plant for sale will realize the quick installation and fast shipping requirements, with compulsory twin shaft concrete mixer JS750....

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      YHZS60 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

      yhzs60 mobile batching plant is equipped with tyres and traction pin, to drag the trailer to allow the maximum speed of up to 60 km / h. The total weight of this mobile batching plant is 23.5 tons...

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      YHZS75 Mobile Concrete Batching Plant

      YHZS75 portable concrete batching plant is mainly used for mixing road paving concrete, roadbed concrete, road rolling concrete and prefabricated concrete.which is easy to be installed....

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